Is a procedure that is based on improving the alterations of the ear. These can be given due to the total absence of the ear (microtia), or due to a notable projection by the absence or malformation of the auricular cartilages. When the person presents a projection of the ears, it is recommended to do this procedure at an early age to reduce the chances that the ear will return to its initial position as a result of the memory of the auricular cartilage.

When I perform this surgery, I make an incision behind the ear to expose the auricular cartilage. After having done this, I sculpt the cartilage and fix it with internal points to maintain the desired shape according to the surgical plan.

You should keep in mind that this surgery does not produce improvements or alterations in hearing capabilities.

I perform the Otoplasty under general anesthesia, monitored by the anesthesiologist, and it has a recovery period of one week.