Is the procedure that seeks, through various means, to achieve an increase or decrease in the projection of the chin. The procedure is accomplished either by means of a silicone prosthesis or other material of texture and hardness similar to bone, or by the use of a “sliding osteotomy,” which involves making a cut in the lower part of the jaw (below the roots of the teeth and the dental nerve) to advance the chin where it is then fixed with a material of osteosynthesis.

When I perform the mentoplasty design, a surgical plan based on the indications of the procedure, the expectations and needs of my patient. For this procedure, I can use two techniques: either making an incision inside the mouth between the lower lip and the gum, which does not leave visible scars, or I can make an external incision under the chin; I use the latter more frequently to correct Malformations.

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia, monitored by the anesthesiologist, and has a recovery of one week.


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